Upcoming Tour Dates 2015 *Updated*

February 28th, 2015 by Hexfix93


April 24 Tampa FL @ The Orpheum: VAC, Ludovico Technique, Mindless Faith, Stoneburner
Tampa Event Page Click Here.

April 25 Baltimore Mindless Faith CD Party, Velvet Acid Christ, Ego Likeness, Toxic Coma
Baltimore Event Page Click Here.

May 1st Richmond VA VAC, Mindless Faith, Toxic Coma

June 12 Milwaukee VAC, Caustic, Gothsicles, Mindless Faith, Stoneburner.
Milwaukee Event Page Click Here.

June 13 Columbus @ Skully’s VAC, Caustic, Mindless Faith, Stoneburner.
Columbus Event Page Click here.

June Pittsburgh VAC, Caustic, Mindless Faith, Stoneburner.

July 24-26 Terminus Festival,Its Official. We are there..
Event Sire Click Here.
September 27 The Gothic Cruise starting port: New Orleans.
Goth Cruise Event Site Click Here.

Working on… WORKING ON! *UPDATE* Venues, and DATES Being SORTED!!!

Aug Denver VAC,
Aug Phoenix AZ

OCT Seattle
OCT Portland

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Mojo 13 and NYC shows!

February 4th, 2015 by Hexfix93

Ok, Firstly, the most important thing. Go buy Steven Archer’s Amazing art. This man is so talented in so many ways.

Buy this!!!! : Click Image


Funny, the day before the first show, we went and saw the B52s. I am a huge fan of the older stuff from the 70s and early 80s. Guilty as charged. I hate LOVE SHACK!!!!! I love Mesopotamia and Planet Clair, 52 girls, rock lobster, this is what I rock out to. Lately I am feeling really old. But After seeing a 67 year old Kate Pierson tear up the stage, I felt so pathetic. I will start taking better care of myself, cause I’ll fucking do this in my 60s as well if my fans are still there for us!!!!! So inspired. This was the most amazing weekend of my life i think. I still feel bad cause I accidentally tripped Rissa :(

Wow…. My mind has been blown. On stage with Ego Likeness, part of Mindless Faith, and the evil singer from the Dead Milkmen. It is like an episode of the fucking twilight zone. I had to keep pinching myself to see if I was dreaming… Donna: Brought new life to my songs. Added her amazing presence to our stage.. Dramatically threw collectible lyrics sheets to the crowd. More than anything, Nailed the vocals and made the songs hers….. Steven: Kicked ass on drums for us. High energy, so much… I was dumbfounded. So lucky… Rick brought his sexy swagger to the front of the stage, and man, The remake of Lust and Big Time Operator went over so amazingly well. I had no idea it could be this fun, cool, and my fans would be this pumped up over all this. Rodney Anonymous is so bad ass. The light of the party, Vocal genius. So fun to talk to, he is so entertaining. This can be said for all of the people back stage honestly. Steven even blew my fucking mind.


It was all strange fate. I flew to Philly to metropolis HQ to sign cds for our pledge thing, just so happen Dead Milkmen were playing the day after near Krztovs house. Promoter told Rodney we would be there to see the show. He did a cover of lust. So it led to us collaborating. Then setting up the shows with Mindless Faith added the Ego crew into the fold. It was like Metropolis records all star line up with a legendary icon of the punk rock world hyping it all. What the fuck just happened, I remember hearing that in the audience after we played Big Time Operator. Strange world indeed. BTO will be on our Remix CD “DIRE LAND” That comes out this june…

The best thing about this was getting to know everyone. The metropolis crew showed up as well. Dave Heckman, and Joe Schulthise showed up as well. Oh it was great, talking about all the new releases on metropolis, the old days, a super group in the works, Who knows what will happen, we wont be just another pigface, I can tell you that.. I might start trying to put together a single for that project soon. Gotta figure it all out, but I think at this point it will be, VAC, Ego Likeness, Mindless Faith, Rodney Anonymous.


Mindless Faith tore the stage up, Super tight, Big Sound, Dance floor perfect. Totally rocked and won the crowd…. I wish I could do every show with this band. Jason was such an amazing dude too.

Promoters for both shows get major thumbs up. Gabriel and Jet pulled in lots of people.. Mojo 13 is a great venue and I hope to go back there.

To all the fans…. Thank you so much for coming out and supporting us. We are 0 with out you. If I was not able to do music, I would rather not exist. It means the world to me…

NYC: The venue was meh. Made our fans stay out in the cold and forced a 4 dollar coat check on them. WE NEVER AGREED TO THIS. JET and VAC HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS. I am trying to find a way to make it up to the fans. The system was in mono because the sound guy was too lazy to fix other inputs on the board, no sound came out of the big speakers on the left side, it crippled us, you heard HALF of our sound, and at a diminished quality of 20%. Pissed me off, some noticed, some did not. I noticed. Never again at SANTOS PARTY HOUSE. We are thinking about doing a cheap one off just out side nyc and giving away some swag to make up for this bullshit.. The fans in NYC deserve better…. I will work with jet again in about 6 months. This time we will charge way less and give out some swag. We are so sorry about this.

The Djs rocked it in NYC as well! Hats off to them!

I know Rodney is cursed, we even got a license plate stuck in the front of Krztov’s car. WTF…But that was the worst of it. Things were so amazing on this bizarro world weekend.

VAC FANS, Check out the links below:

Ego Likeness CLick Here! They are so Amazing.

Mindless Faith Click Here! Kick ass Industrial Club Music.

Steven Archer’s ART Click Here! Go buy his amazing art!

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Velvet Acid Christ Live in Delaware @ Asylum 13 Friday Jan 30th 2015 with Mindless Faith, Rodney of the Dead Milkmen

January 22nd, 2015 by Hexfix93


Velvet Acid Christ Live in Delaware @ Asylum 13 with Mindless Faith, Rodney of the Dead Milkmen
Donna from Ego Likeness will be performing an Alt Slut, and Dilaudid with VAC.

Click Here to see the EVENT PAGE!!!!

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Velvet Acid Christ Live in NYC! @ Santos Party House Saturday Jan 31st 2015. With Mindless Faith, Rodney of Dead Milkmen

January 22nd, 2015 by Hexfix93


Velvet Acid Christ Live in NYC! @ Santos Party House Saturday Jan 31st 2015.
Donna from Ego Likeness will be performing an Alt Slut, and Dilaudid with VAC.


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Velvet Acid Christ Remixed Assemblage 23’s Side Project Surveillance

January 16th, 2015 by Hexfix93

Go buy it!!! Support this amazing project!

Click Here To Buy

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Cubase 8.0 Review by Velvet Acid Christ.

December 25th, 2014 by Hexfix93

BLOATED!!!!!!! This thing is a processor hog. Coming from renoise, its kinda OUCH. What saves it? Render in place, and a new windowing system and a few VST instruments…..I bit the bullet. I bought cubase elements 7(which i will be giving away in a future VAC fan contest) and liked it so much, i bought cubase 8 new cause i got a great deal on it. Padshop is BIG WOW. Reminds me of the jp8080 style pads and strings I loved. The retrolog synth that they included really is an impressive software synth, decent bass, good pads and leads as well. Reminds me of Roland stuff. WOW this is a beast of a synth as well. Groove Agent SE is great too. The verbs SUCK MAJOR !#%!#%!^!. The compressors are , OK. but kinda meh. Delays are good, flanger is ok, phaser is meh, chorus is ok. New eqs are ok, Not that impressed here. The audio engine is a tad better. Asio is better in 8, as is the windowing system. Way better… I am making all my new music in cubase now. No more renoise for the time being, I will use renoise to play back samples, and vsts live, but that’s it for now.. Toxic Coma is all but dead….. Cubase 8 is worth it, mostly for the windowing systems, aiso guard, the audio engine is a tad better. Midi seems to work well so far as well.. I love lane recording in cubase. I love how midi is easy to edit. They added a lot of stuff like this chord track thing that I do not need at all, but very useful for beginners..


You will still need to buy 3rd party fx and synths. I reccomend waves, watch their site for flash sales, cause that is the best way to get into their plugins. I love their TG, Puigchild, and API plugins a ton. Could not live with out them…

Xmas eve.. Finished my part in the Big time Operator remix we are going to perform live, waiting on Mindcage Rick’s licks. Cubase 8 is great, but it is a processor hog.. Asio Guard works. Waves plugs are stupid unless you put them on on a usb drive… Puichild compressors and TG12345 channel strip, and the nls Bus mix, the waves H Delay. I hope Rodney releases the VAC remix of big time operator some how……

After mixing some of my old songs, and working on the Dead Milkmen remix, I really like cubase 8 a lot more than cubase 5…. Worth the money…

What stood out the most? Retrolog, Pad Shop, Grove Agent SE, and Quadrafuz. Quadrafuz is amazing, and multi band delay and distortion plug in. Perfect for vocals, and drums and guitars.. WOW I like the magneto 2 tape thing they added back in as well..

I give it a 8 out of 10.

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The Dead Milkmen and VAC? What?

December 18th, 2014 by Hexfix93

The dead Milkmen..

A huge part of my childhood. Sitting around dropping acid and watching teletunes. Punk
rock Girl, Methodist Coloring book, and Big Time Operator would always come on our local
pbs alternative video show in denver colorado.. Mtv sucked, sure sometimes on 120 minutes
we would get some cool stuff, but teletunes in denver channel 12 kbdi broomfield colorado
brodcasting was the whole entire reason i even knew about all this cool punk, industrial,
gothic, alternative music..

I went to Philly recently, to sign autographs for my pledge campaign.. Drove to DC to stay
with my friend over the weekend and see the Dead Milkmen. It was a shitty day, one of my
old best friends passed away from cancer… I did not find out until I landed in Philly.
Uhg… I was going to go see him soon, but the touring kept me away from him cause i was
traveling and getting lots of germs and his immune system was so low i could not risk
seeing him. So i never got to see him… That same night i tried to shake it off, and man,
i couldn’t… In Philly i was eating a vegan taco, and one of my rear molars split in half
and broke off… The next night at the milkmen show, i was blown away by how a bunch of
old punkers could still jump around and sing with such grit and passion and anger still.
Blew me away.. At the end of the show, Rodney called the crow up and called me out to sing
lust for blood, he had done a cover version of it, and i chickened out, all excuses.
tooth, running shows, not feeling right over the death of my friend………

I bought the new dead milkmen cd at the show after hearing it on the way back from Philly
on spotify in Krztovs car… WOW, the lp is amazing. I love it. I listen to it working out
LOL. It still has that old punk feels, but i hear more keyboards and stuff in it. I love
the social commentary on the LP… Any how, you should go and pick it up.. Its worth every

What is even more weird. Fuck I am pretty close to Joe Schulthise, He is number #2 at
metropolis records… I have been chatting with him over the years, and for a long time, i
knew he was the brother of the original bass player for the dead milkmen.. I used to
always ask about the stories of the band, their tours, and all the crazy shit.. I remember
being blown away that one of the guys at metropolis records was associated with a punk
band i grew up loving. Dead Milkmen have influenced VAC, but also my side project Toxic

Rodney and I have kept in touch, and he sent me his remix. So I fused it into a new mix i
was doing for the upcoming remix lp. Guess what, Rodney said he would sing to it, live, in
Delaware, and for the remix cds. HOLY FUCK, I feel like one of those female Beatles fans
who used to piss their dresses when watching the Beatles play… I think i even piss a
little in my pants when he sent me a demo vocal take… WTF. One of my punk idols is
actually singing on one of my tracks with his keyboard bits in it.. WTF universe did I
wake up in this time. I hate to sound like a name dropping FAN BOY. It was bad enough when
Gary Numan said he like VAC in an interview.. But this, this is a whole different level.

This is punk rock guys telling me they like VAC. WTF… Never when I started this project
did i ever think I would get the admiration from anyone who I idolized. I have had some
Idols really look down on me in the past…. So this is totally weird…

I am also working on covering/remixing a dead milkmen song, I want Rodney to sing on it
live too. Stay tuned because These two things will happen on stage in Delaware… I
cannot believe it.

New Dead Milkmen LP:

Please check this lp out. I love the raw punk feel of it, This band still has it, and their live show is still amazing…. Support this band.. I know not all of my fans are punk rock fans, but I know that some are….. So go support this band…

Click here to buy Pretty Music for Pretty People.

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Wojciech ‘kr-lik’ Król VAC Live keyboardist in Europe.

December 14th, 2014 by Hexfix93

So graced to have him in my project in Europe. Drove my ass around, and played mean keys live and was really great.. A Valued friend to the end for VAC. But more than this, the guy makes some really cool tunes too. Check out his bands:

Controlled Collapse:

Click Here… to see their home page…

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Velvet Acid Christ: Grey, Video by Soundmirror66

December 12th, 2014 by Hexfix93

This is my favorite video so far. Not work safe. Spread it across the net…

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Velvet Acid Christ Touring 2015, Fly in gigs. Mindless Faith and more. *UPDATED*

November 26th, 2014 by Hexfix93



People in Delaware and NYC, Be warned, The line up will be VAC, Mindless Faith, The Siren Project.
Also in Delaware Rodney from the Dead Milkmen Will join us on stage with HIS VAC cover of “LUST”, And we will be performing a Dead Milkmen cover of our own, With Rodney… NO SHIT!
Tour dates: 2015
Jan 30th Delaware @ Asylum 13 VAC, Mindless Faith Click Here

Jan 31 in NYC At Santos Party House VAC, Mindless Faith Click Here


After NY, Enter the Mindless Faith addition to the tour. So VAC, Mindless Faith, and Siren Project. This news is so huge, and adds so much to this tour that it will draw more, and kick major ass.. Mindcage rick will play guitars for VAC on some songs as well.


April Tampa FL @ The Orpheum: VAC, Ludovico Technique
April Atlanta VAC, Die Sektor, Finite Automata
June Milwaukee VAC, Caustic, Gothsicles.
June Columbus VAC, Caustic.
June Pittsburgh VAC, Caustic. Working on

July Maybe Terminus Festival, go bug them so they invite us to play this festival in Calgary.
Working on… WORKING ON! *UPDATE* Venues, and DATES Being SORTED!!!
sept Seattle VAC, Kevorkian Death Cycle, Dead When I found her,
sept Portland VAC, Kevorkian Death Cycle, Dead When I found her,
sept Vancouver VAC, Kevorkian Death Cycle, Dead When I found her,

nov Denver VAC, Dead Hand Project, The Siren Project

Dec 6 Mexico City with Hocico, I only pray that this happens..

So we have Worked out new shows.

As the dust settles, more information will be posted, so keep your eyes on this web site.


Mindless Faith:



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New Velvet Acid Christ Video: Eye H8 U by Soundmirror66

November 13th, 2014 by Hexfix93

Soundmirror66 strikes again with Eye h8 you Video off new LP Subconscious Landscapes/Mauvais.


YES, The LP is out now.

You can buy:

CDS : Click Here

Vinyl LTD : Click Here

MP3: Click Here

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Velvet Acid Christ: The Last Good Bye Video by Soundmirror66

November 6th, 2014 by Hexfix93

The first Video from the new LP Subconscious Landscapes that you can buy now.


YES, The LP is out now.

You can buy the new VAC LP here:

CDS : Click Here

Vinyl LTD : Click Here

MP3: Click Here

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Velvet Acid Christ: Subconscious Landscapes LP is out for Everyone now!

October 28th, 2014 by Hexfix93


YES, The LP is out now.

You can buy:

CDS : Click Here

Vinyl LTD : Click Here

MP3: Click Here

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Pledge Ends October 21st

October 17th, 2014 by Hexfix93

end pledge


Pledge now, it ends October 21s, Autographed cds, Posters. Vinyl.

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Pledge: Subconscious Landscapes 8 minute LP Preview

October 7th, 2014 by Hexfix93


Yes if you pledge early you get to hear an 8 minute clip of the new LP. If you pledge $10 you will get a loss less flac 24 bit file of the lp, only available on the pledge site. Also there are shirts, mugs, posters, and autographed vinyl and cds for grabs. So please pledge today. TIME IS RUNNING OUT ALL AUTOGRAPHED MERCHANDISE ORDERS WILL END OCT 21st.

Pledge here: http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/velvetacidchrist-subconscious-landscapes/>http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/velvetacidchrist-subconscious-landscapes/

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Remaining shows in Europe

August 26th, 2014 by Hexfix93


Aug 27 Wroclaw: First Time Ever

Aug 29 London: First Time Ever

Aug 30 Oberhousen:

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VAC Live in Hamburg!

August 15th, 2014 by Hexfix93



Please, spread the word, share this link, we need your help.

Velvet Acid Christ will be performing Slut, Diladid, Icon, Fun With Drugs, + many unreleased new songs and some rare tracks and a Wumpscut cover.

AUG 22nd 2014 @ Kir Hamburg Barnerstrasse 16, 22765 Hamburg, Germany

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VAC Pledge Music Launch

May 28th, 2014 by Hexfix93



You can buy Autographed CDs, T-shirts, Vinyl, Poster, stage props, shout out, voice message, Patch, Mug, Tour Hoodie with Calling of the dead art(limited, get it while you can, this is the last batch ever). This might be the first and last time you can get vinyl. So do not miss out on this..

Also, by pledging for anything you will get your choice of MP3 and FLAC 24 bit. This is the first time any where we will be selling loss less digital audio on the internet and the funds go right to the artists.

We will ship it any where in the world, price is only included for US. Outside US additional charges will apply. Please share this. I am not begging for money, I did this to get merch into your hands no matter where on the globe you reside.

Please help us, we will use the funding to make the merch, to fund our touring, and to pay everyone who did guest vocals on the LP.


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SongKick Dates for Upcoming VAC shows!

May 8th, 2014 by Hexfix93

Tour dates

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Selling Gear To buy stuff for up coming tours.

April 24th, 2014 by Hexfix93

Virus TI Snow: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=291132377443

Komplete Audio 6 USB Audio Interface: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=291132380417

M-Audio AudioPhile 2496 PCI Audio Midi Inderface: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=291132383423

Mackie 1202 VLZ3 Analog Mixer: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=291132391129

Roland UA-1010 USB Audio 10x in and out, + Midi: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=291132386119

Gigabyte Motherboard with Intel q8400 Quad Core Processor and 4gb of ram: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=291132400412

Roland XV 5050 Rack Sound Module: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=291132432653

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